Friday, March 28, 2008

Off to Nicaragua....

Bright and early this morning the girls left for their mission trip to Nicaragua. I was excited for them but of course a little nervous sending them off so far away but I know that God will take good care of them! They are going to have such a great experience even though sometimes they might see things that are hard and uncomfortable. I am proud of the women they are becoming and pray that God will use them in mighty ways this next week!
The send off.....
Two of my good friends are going on the trip so my girls will have good "moms" to take care of them! Thanks Kimberly and Kristie!!!

And off they go.......

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Celebration!

Yesterday we had a beautiful Easter celebration. In the morning the weather was rainy and very un-Easter like but after the beautiful cleansing showers cleared, we had a glorious day of sunshine....a feeling of renewal. It was awesome. After a beautiful Easter service at church we came home for Easter preparations for a family dinner. My family came over in the late afternoon and we had a scrumptious dinner together.

Here's some fun pics from the day....

I had some fun decorating the table with my favorite Fitz and Floyd bunnies, beautiful light pink tulips and the soft colors of spring.....

I even set a special table just for the littlest girls....they loved having their own special place with bunny dishes and their own bunny salt and pepper shakers. So cute because they ended up at our table eating off the rest of our plates and we couldn't figure it out until we cleared their plates and noticed they went a little crazy with salt and pepper:)

Trying out their special little girl table....

The rest of us at the "big kids" table....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

He has Risen!!!

An Easter Wish

Author: Anonymous

May the glad dawn

Of Easter morn

Bring joy to thee.

May the calm eve

Of Easter leave

A peace divine with thee.

May Easter night

On thine heart write,

O Christ, I live for thee!

Happy Easter!!!

The "teens" are not much into sitting on the laps of rabbits anymore but at least mom has pictures to reminisce with and to get her by until she can take another little one to see the "Easter Bunny"!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break Baby!!!!

I just completed my finals on Tuesday evening for winter quarter and I have been catching up on some much needed rest! I had a crazy month! Some how I planned on having the concluding ceremony for a class I have been holding for the past 2 months for my mother/daughter ministry right smack in the middle of finals week. Not the best planning on my part but I made it through with out having a mental breakdown.

The ceremony was held this past Saturday for nine girls who have been attending "The Princess and the Kiss" class at our church with their mom's and it was just an amazing day. God truly gave me the energy I needed to make the day special for these beautiful "princesses" and I was so blessed to get to know them and their moms these past couple of months.

Here are some pictures of the ceremony but I needed to blur the faces of the girls since I didn't get permission to post their pictures on my blog but the program is amazing and I wanted to post about it because the study is so great about planting seeds of purity in the hearts of young girls, while helping them to realize that even though the world is not necessarily a "fairytale" they ARE PRINCESSES of the MOST HIGH KING! You can find more information about the book and study at the author's website by clicking here.

I went through the program with Hailey and Kyla about 3 years ago and it was such a great way of connecting with them on such an important subject. I just can't believe how much they have grown up in three years but they will always be my little "princesses":) Here are some pics of their experience with the program.....

Now....I need to go clean my distaster of a house! Things around the homestead have been little messy lately and I can't stand it!
Also, Hailey and Kyla leave for a mission trip a week from Friday. They are going to Nicaragua over their spring break and I need to get stuff ready for that trip too!
Still lots to do but I hope I can catch up with my blogging and do a few fun things in the next week before it is back to the books for spring quarter. I'm almost done though! Yeah!!! 5 classes left and then I finally graduate!!!! It has only taken me 23 years to complete but hey...who's counting! (Of course there was a big break in the middle to raise my kiddos)
Happy Spring everyone!!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

My Friday Friends....

On Fridays I watch my they are sitting at the table coloring and playing with toys we got from the dollar store this morning. I decided to make a couple of scrapbook pages of all their funny expressions I have stored on my computer...they have so many and their little comments are always cracking us up!

I will probably be absent for a couple of weeks....I have my last week of winter quarter next week and then it's finals!!! Bring on Spring Break!!!! So ready for some warm weather!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 03, 2008

It's about time!!!!

CCAA finally makes it into 2006! Congratulations to all the families who had LID's in it is our turn! Yeah for all the fellow 2006ers!