Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Taking a break from the wait it's after midnight, bedtime????? Midterms!


Have a great time with your little some candy for me:)

Miss you all!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fun Times!

The PJ Party I have been planning for the past couple months took place last Friday night and it was a hit! We had about 100 moms and daughters spend the night at our church for our 2nd annual Pajama Palooza. I had a great team who planned games, crafts, sang songs, had pj fashion show, pamper stations and we all watched Princess Diaries right before bed. I was totally exhausted on Saturday (took a 5 hour nap) but it was worth it! Kyla showed up later after the homecoming game and Hailey was gone for the weekend for a youth group event.

Here is a very funny video someone sent me.....I just couldn't stop laughing.
If you want more laughs read her book, If You Can't Lose It...Decorate It. I read it this summer and it was fun but had a lot of great insight too. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Katie Palooza

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting with some of my blogger buddies when Karen
(K1 and auntie to beautiful Katie) hosted an afternoon gathering while her adorable niece was in Washington for a visit with her parents (Truly Blessed). Katie was such a delight and I loved meeting with Coug Chick (Hearts to the East) and Ruth (Abigail....our journey of hope). Thank you Karen for hosting this event and for the beautiful necklace and ladybug cup. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your little Katie Bug!