Thursday, September 27, 2007

August Out of Review!!!!!!!

I have been way to busy to blog lately but when I checked the Rumor Queen this morning look what I found!!!! Yeah....... August is officially out of review!

For those of you not in the adoption program this means that China has finally reveiwed our paperwork and since we did not hear from them we are officially onto the matching room! This is a big hurdle because until this point they still could have denied us if they didn't like something. Of course our agency probably would have denied us first but this is just another hoop we needed to get through. The wait will still continue....because we are August 2006 and they have not even made it into December 2005 files yet. Keep praying for Gracie and that things will speed up. A summer 2008 referral would be a miracle but it would be so awesome too!!!!

I am afraid my blog site will be a little boring for a while. I have a full load for the first time in school and I started my ministry position at the church this fall. I began two programs for moms and daughters, Secret Keeper Girl, and Your Girl/His Girl, and we are having a huge mother-daughter sleepover at the church next weekend. Somedays I wonder if I will get it all done...but I know God has called me to this and He will be right with me all the way! I am also doing the Beth Moore bible study "Believing God" on Tuesday mornings so you see......I might be MIA for a bit. If you don't hear from me as often, I am still thinking and praying for you all....I just need to keep my priorities in line and my head on straight;)

On a side note.....don't you just love the fall season!!!! My favorite time of year!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Pictures say a thousand words.....

Praise God whom all blessings flow!!!!
Congrats to Robin and Marty....she is perfect!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Go Huskies!!!!!

So excited for the game is especially sweet that we are playing the Buckeyes because the biggest Buckeye fan I know is on her way to China to meet their beautiful daughter Maddy....isn't she just the sweetest thing?

Robin is one of the first online adoption friends I met when we were paperchasing and they were too. I am so excited for them!!!! Please pray for safe travels and joyous union with their beautiful daughter!

Watch their journey at or visit their blog at

Monday, September 10, 2007

Huskies vs. Buckeyes!!!!

I have been still too busy to blog much but I wanted to get somewhat in the spirit of an upcoming football game that is happening this Saturday.
So to my blogger friends out there who are Buckeye fans... on Saturday (which is also my birthday)
Mike and I will be taking these...



....will stomp on...

and they will...

and we will...


I know Ohio is ranked #10 and Washington is ranked #25 but hey, a girl can't be disappointed on her birthday, right? What a present that would be!!!!

GO HUSKIES!!!!!! bring on the harassment, I can handle it;)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hailey is off to HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!

Hailey and her friend, Maddi, all decked out to attend the their high school's football game last Friday night.

Wow....I have so much to share but this week or so has been crazy...and I am in the middle of changing software on my computer so I have been a bit out of touch with the blogger world. Wanted to share about my baby's big day tomorrow. I can't believe I actually have a daughter in high school. It just doesn't seem possible at all......I swear I just put her in Kindergarten. I have been a bit misty eyed these past few days but excited for this new chapter in her life too but I know Hailey will do great and have lots of fun. I will really be savoring these next four years that I still have my baby under our roof.

Hailey goes to school tomorrow....then I have one more day with Kyla because she starts her new middle school on Thursday. Sniffle.........