Friday, March 23, 2007

Fun Visitors Today

I have been taking a blogging break this week since I have been on my Spring Break but I just had post these fun pictures of my sweet little nieces who came to visit us today. We are having a fun time with these little cuties!!!
Yum...we decorated Easter cookies!!!

Lilly was a little curious about these little creatures invading her home....and Charlotte just decided to go hide from all the squeals! Sorry kittys this is where your life is headed.

Hope all my blogger pals are having a good week....I will check in with you all again next week...and it is back to school again for me:(

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Spring Break....where's the sun???

I have been a bad blogger lately but priorities have been on finishing my class in "Performance and Healing" this past week. I finished the class on Monday night after a couple of late nights working on my final projects....I am too old for all-nighters but it couldn't be helped. So now it is my Spring trips to the beach or anything like that because the girls of course don't have the same break as me and it is raining again, YUCK! I guess the flip-flops will have to wait...

I did get some of the pictures back from the ceremony that the girls were in last month at church and they just melted my heart. They are so grown up! There are more of Kyla because in her 6th grade group there was only 2 girls participating so the photographer got lots of photo's of her...hopefully I can find some more of Hailey during the ceremony. It was such a special night!

Kyla's youth pastor and his wife present Kyla with her crown.

Dad and mom present Kyla with her ring.

The pastors, youth leader, elders and mom and dad get to pray with Kyla.

Proud mom and dad....of both the girls!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Yeah....I think it is FLIP FLOP time!!!!

I'm a NW girl...but I think deep inside I was meant to be California girl. I love to wear flip flops!!! I wait until the very last minute to pack up my flip flops for the winter season. My husband laughs at me every fall as I am all bundled up in my polar fleece but my toes are exposed because I still have my flip flops on. Oh how I have missed my little flip flop friends.

Last week we had a snowstorm and another cancelled day of school...I would have thought it was still months away until I could bring the babies out., check out what the weather is doing now!!!!

The sun is shining, there is even a warm breeze blowing. I think it is time to dust off those flip flops....the only problem is my toes are pretty sad right now. I guess I will have to go get a pedicure this afternoon???? I am still feeling kind of crappy from this crazy cold so I think this might be just what the doctor ordered. I might even have to stop off and pick up a new pair of flip flops too!!!

*****Update******Had a pedi, bought two new pairs of flip flops... well one pair are sandle like flip flops with a bit of heel:)...I'm feeling pretty good, but....sigh...I think it is going to rain tomorrow...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Month # 7!!!!!

What do you do when you have been sick all week with the flu and there is snow outside covering the spring flowers you planted last week? Make cute little springy images to celebrate the seven months you have been waiting since the adoption paper work has been sitting on some shelve in China waiting to be reviewed.

About a year ago we were in the midst of our paper chasing and I saw this cute little dress at Costco and bought it. Funny thing is that I bought it thinking that there might be a chance that Grace could maybe wear it this year for Easter. Boy...I never would have thought back then that not only would she not be wearing this dress for Easter this year but there is a really good chance that she may not even wear it next Easter. I am learning to not put those expectations upon this wait anymore. I am really going with the flow. It is my way to cope. I still have been purchasing things for her (in fact I had a fun shopping spree at the outlet mall this past weekend) but I don't put any real expectations on timing anymore. God knows when the time is right and I need to be OK with that!
But I am so ready to be well again and please no more snow....come on spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!